Welcome to Music Makers HQ

Hello, and welcome to MusicMakersHQ.com

Creating your own music is a truly wonderful feeling, and if you’ve ever experienced the joy of music making first hand then you know you can can get lost for hours and hours in the pure bliss of exercising your imagination in the world of audio, sound, and music.

This site is geared towards new musicians, music producers, and hobbyist music makers who want to try their hand at producing and recording beats, songs, and tracks on their home computer. The strident advances in technology over the past 5 to 10 years means that you now have world class technology at your finger tips with just a simple laptop and a pair of headphones!

Creating music is fun, and how much time you want to invest in learning and growing your skills set is totally up to you. There is no minimum, no pressure, no rules… The one and only rule is to let go, enjoy the ride, and truly experience the joy of combining sounds, instruments, beats, melodies, harmonies, and much more!

Start Fast, or Do Some Learning…

You can choose to take the quick and easy path, by simply downloading some music software and getting started right away. Or you can supplement it with learning some basic music theory to help you along the way. Sometimes even an hour spent learning some basic music theory can increase your enjoyment exponentially!

However you wish to proceed, it’s totally up to you, and you can pick and choose what you want to learn on this site, depending on what your goals and desires are.

What Kind of Music to We Make Here?

All kinds of music are welcome of course, and some of what we offer is applicable to many styles…

However, we tend to focus on modern music such as: electronic, hip hop, techno/club/dance, dubstep, and pop music.

Software and Tutorials

Most of our content is focused around software and tutorials. As there are many different music making programs and products on the market it is important that you get a good overview of what’s available, and what is the right tool for your needs. We’ve reviewed and categorized all of the best tools on the market so you can figure out exactly what you need, choose the best tool for you, and get down to producing some tracks as quickly as possible.

Our tutorials will help you to tackle the specifics of making music and we cover everything from how to create a funky hip hop bass line, to how to write a melody or synth lead line…

Who am I?

Chris Ovaska is the name, pleased to meet you! I’ve been producing music as a hobby for nearly 14 years, and have studied music production, music theory, and have even studied creative music and improvisation with a renowned jazz teacher. I love all types of music from classical to hip hop, techno, and pop. And my passion is for teaching others the basics of music so they can experience the joy, bliss, and happiness it brings!

We Are Still Under Construction!

As you can see this site is still under construction. I’d really appreciate it if you could bookmark us and check back soon, or sign up to our e-mail list to be notified when the site is ready. We are working hard to get the content ready and hope to bring you a great resource for all things music making in the very near future!

Sincerely Yours,Chris Ovaska

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