How to Make Money With Music Production & Beat Making

35 Ways to Make Money As A Music Producer Or Beat Maker

Today I am going to show you how to earn money with your music production skills.

There are so many ways to make money with music & sound production at this time in history, it’s pretty freakin’ incredible – And as digital platforms and services keep growing so do the number of ways we can generate revenue.

Seriously, the ocean of opportunity has never been bigger 🙂

With a little bit of hustle and persistence anyone with a love for music/audio can succeed.

But don’t kid yourself, money, for the most part, doesn’t come easy or fast.

There Are 2 Requirements For Succeeding:

  • Hustle – No matter which method you try, some hustle will be required to see results. Most people don’t build businesses or careers over night, and the same will hold true for making money as a music producer. You gotta hustle, and by that I mean work, learn, take action, network, GSD (get stuff done).
  • Persistence – Stick with an approach or strategy long enough to give it an honest shot at succeeding. A (money) plant takes time to grow. Plant the seed, give it water, sunlight, it will grow.

If you enjoy making music, producing, and designing sound then there is almost certainly a path to income that will work for you, it’s just a matter of finding the right way specific to your interests and skill set.

Licensing your music, youtube, streaming, selling tracks on beatport, providing professional services, designing sample packs, to selling beats and everything in between…

The world is your oyster, go forth and produce music and earn cash

The possibilities are absolutely endless.

So whether you’re looking for some extra cash, a full-time career in music, or a dream life traveling and producing (why not?), you have a ton of options for making it happen.

You Will Learn:

  • The 3 quickest ways to start making money as a new music producer or beat maker
  • A ton of ideas for how to generate income by producing music, audio, sounds, and beats
  • Resources, courses, and guides for growing in the music business



  • The 3 quickest ways to start making money
  • Freelancing: Offering custom services to clients
  • Selling Your Stuff: Beats, Samples, loops, and tracks
  • Licensing Your Stuff: Youtube, and licensing Marketplaces
  • IRL Services: Home Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

The 3 Quickest Ways to Start Making Money as a New Music Producer or Beat Maker

#1: Freelance Marketplaces

Freelancing is without a doubt one of the easiest ways to get started. Sites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr make it dead easy to sell your music & audio production related services in the virtual marketplace. Thousands of people every day post jobs requesting help with custom audio production, video editing, graphic design, music composition, sound effects, mixing, mastering and all kinds of stuff.

Think about how much media, advertising, audio, video, and web content is being generated daily. It’s insane. Everyone is creating content and audio/video just keeps growing. Music and sound design is a huge part of all that. People need custom work done. They want custom podcast openers, back-ground music for their youtube, sounds for their games or apps… You won’t believe how many people need help with anything creative or technical.

Signing up to a site like Upwork and applying for jobs takes all of 2 minutes. I’ve used Upwork as both a client (hiring people to do work for me) and as a freelancer (selling my services). It is an incredibly active platform and a great place to start. You can browse job listings within minutes. And getting hired can happen faster than you think. Keep at it and you’ll definitely get work. The secret is in the impression you make when applying for jobs. Customize every application to the client, make it clear that you’ve read the job description, don’t make it sound like you’ve cut and pasted your application. Ever.

#2: Sell Your Beats, Samples, or Tracks

BeatStars, Audio Jungle etc. Sell yoru premade tracks and beats, licensed to other artists,

#3: IRL Services

Provide Recording services, mixing services etc?

Some More Intro Text

Freelancing: Offering custom services to clients


Selling Your Stuff: Beats, Samples, loops, and tracks


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