About MusicMakersHQ.com

Music Makers HQ is a site dedicated to helping music makers of all levels to improve their skills, find the right software, and increase creativity and self expression. We believe that everyone has the ability to make music, but the key is to have fun and explore music for the pure enjoyment of it. It’s great to study music theory and learn different audio production techniques, but you should always come back to carefree musical playtime, and remember to cultivate a rich enjoyment of it even if you do end up taking it more seriously.

60% Playtime and 40% Work/Practice

^ That’s our mantra!

We also have a great love for technology, software, and the web. And for sharing the great resources we find with others so they can sort through the mess of information and recommendations out there and get the real deal on what’s good and what’s not worth your time.

Our goal is to help our users find the right tools and information for creating music, meet some like minded folks along the way, and share in the joy of music and community with others – we consider that a day well spent.

If you have any suggestions for the site or would just like to get in touch, please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

The Music Makers HQ Team